Mortal Kombat Fans Notice Impressive Sub-Zero Details in New Movie Images

The Mortal Kombat movie just recently got its first batch of images to show off first looks at how its cast will portray the iconic fighters and already people are recognizing impressive levels of detail in the character designs. One of the things people pointed out was Sub-Zero’s ice blade which just looks like a frigid sword at first glance but actually closely matches what we’ve seen from the games upon giving it a closer look. Greg Russo, the writer for the Mortal Kombat movie, applauded those who caught the detail and said that the design and the comparison presented by one Mortal Kombat fan was absolutely intentional.

If you haven’t seen the image yet of Sub-Zero, you can see it to the right in the quote tweet below from Russo. The Mortal Kombat writer retweeted another user who had placed two different photos of Sub-Zero beside one another. The one on the right is from the new movie while the one on the left is from Mortal Kombat X, but both of them feature similar details when it comes to the Kori Blade. They both feature a spiked hilt, though the one the in game is a bit more prominent, and they each have a small hole in the hilt near the center.

Sub-Zero’s use of the Kori Blade was not limited to just Mortal Kombat X alone, but as seen in the image above, it’s one of the more recognizable iterations of the character with his trusty ice blade. Another user pointed out that it shouldn’t be too surprising to see how closely the two versions of the fighter and the weapon relate to each other given Russo’s affinity for the character designs in Mortal Kombat X.

aside from the detail embedded into the Kori Blade, Mortal Kombat fans also pointed out how appropriate the frostbite effect on Sub-Zero’s fingers was and how it added to the character’s design. With only a few images released at this time for fans to look over and more to come in the future alongside the inevitable trailer reveal, we can likely expect to see more breakdowns of different details like these.

The rebooted Mortal Kombat movie is scheduled to release simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16th.