Mortal Kombat Reboot Award-Winning Composer Revealed

The composer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie has been revealed, and it's none other than Benjamin Wallfisch, an award-winning composer who has earned a Golden Globe, two GRAMMY awards, and been nominated for both a BAFTA and an Emmy. As for his work, you may recognize Wallfisch for IT Chapter Two, Shazam, Blade Runner: 2049, Annabelle: Creation, and Hidden Figures, all of which the composer lists as his recent work.

The reveal actually comes way of the English composer and conductor himself, who revealed as much in a tweet today that featured no words, just the Mortal Kombat logo. Meanwhile, writer on the reboot Greg Russo commented on the announcement, as well as actors on the reboot, confirming that Wallfisch's involvement is indeed with the untitled 2021 film and not Mortal Kombat Legacy: Scorpion's revenge, a new MK animated movie set to debut sometime in the first half of the year.

Unfortunately, there's no word on when we'll get to hear a glimpse of what Wallfisch has already started cooking up. Thanks to actor on the movie Lewis Tan, we already know Wallfisch has dome some work, but it's unclear how much he's done.

Of course, getting an award-winning composer is a good move by Warner Bros., who seems to be going the extra mile to make sure that this doesn't end up as the latest bad video game movie. In fact, it sounds like if there's going to be one thing that does hit that high quality level, it will be the music, because according to the aforementioned Tan, he was blown away by how grand and cinematic it was.

Mortal Kombat is set to premiere on January 15. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word on a debut trailer, however, according to a producer on the show, it will likely drop sometime this summer.


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