MultiVersus: How to Get Early Access to the Open Beta

MultiVersus is having another open beta soon, but if you want into it right away, you don't have to wait until things officially kick off on July 26th. The beta is available in an early access format right now with players able to hop in right away assuming they participated in an earlier test or are willing to watch others play the game for a while. There's also an option to get into the beta via a paid pack, too, if you're pretty sure you'll be spending time with the game upon its full launch.

For the uninitiated who may have seen MultiVersus being played on Twitch or talked about elsewhere and are now interested, the new fighting game from Player First Games and Warner Bros. features a roster of characters represented by franchises ranging from Looney Tunes to Game of Thrones to popular DC characters like Superman, Batman, and many more. It's drawn comparisons to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, naturally, but given the reception to it so far, it's already starting to set itself apart in some ways.

If you're now interested or already were before, here's what you need to know about getting into the open beta:

When does the MultiVersus open beta start?

The open beta officially begins on July 26th, but it's available right now in an early access format. The main difference between those is simply the timing of the release, but the early access period also features a different preview rotation of characters compared to what we'll see in the full open beta. No end date has been set for the open beta.

How do you get into the open beta?

As its name suggests, the open beta will be fully available to anyone who wants in on July 26th at 9 a.m. PDT. It'll be available on the new and old PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the PC platform, so you'll have your pick of platforms once it's available for everyone. It features full cross-play and cross-progression support, too, so you can easily switch to a different platform

How do you get into the early access period?

For those who don't want to wait and want in now, you can get in automatically if you participated in the closed alpha previously with a code sent to your email. You can also get in via Twitch Drops by watching participating streamers play the game for an hour. If nothing else, you can purchase a Founder's Pack to gain access immediately.

For anything else about the open beta for MultiVersus, the FAQ for this ongoing test should be able to answer any other questions you might have.