MultiVersus Is Adding Rick and Morty

The MultiVersus panel at San Diego Comic-Con treated attendees to not just one reveal but several announcements regarding new characters coming to the fighting game. After confirming that LeBron James would be in the game thanks to his Space Jam appearance, the MultiVersus team confirmed that both Rick and Morty from the show of the same name will be added to the roster.

Following that reveal during SDCC, the MultiVersus social accounts tweeted out a confirmation of the characters' appearances in the game and showed off our first look at what they'll look like. Both Rick and Morty are sporting their signature looks from the show, but given how MultiVersus has different outfits for players to equip, we'll undoubtedly see some callbacks to some of their more unique appearances in the show once they're added to the game.

The way these characters are positioned in the splash art may have made it look like they'd be a two-in-one character, but that's not the case. Warner Bros. confirmed shortly afterwards in a press release that Rick and Morty would be two separate characters. Rick uses his portal gun and the ability to summon Meeseeks to help him in battle while Morty uses projectiles and counters as well as "grenade weapons and the ability to whip himself at opponents."

As for when we'll see them in the game, the same press release confirmed we'll see the first of these characters on August 9th whenever Season 1 gets underway. Surprisingly, these two characters won't be added at the same time. Morty will be released first on August 9th with Rick scheduled to be released later on though a release date for Rick has not yet been set.

As those who've been keeping up with MultiVersus news may recall, this isn't the first time we've heard about these two being added to the game. They were part of a larger leak from before that suggested they'd be added, and with many other characters from those leaks already confirmed, it makes the rest of the yet-to-be-announced ones seem even more likely.

MultiVersus is currently in beta via an early access format. Here's how you can get in if you want to try it out.