Magic: The Gathering's My Little Pony Cards Are Now Available

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has officially entered the world of Magic: The Gathering as of [...]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has officially entered the world of Magic: The Gathering as of today. The special charity crossover set, Ponies: The Galloping, is now available to order over at Hasbro Pulse. The set, which isn't exactly tournament legal, is part of a partnership with Extra Life, benefitting Seattle's Children's Hospital, and $30 of every purchase goes to the charity.

The cards, of which there are three in total, feature Rarity, Nightmare Moon (with Princess Luna on the opposite side) and Princess Twilight Sparkle. They all feature art that's a mix of the two properties' styles from Andrea Radek, Jennifer L. Meyer, and John Thacker. The same art adorns playmats that are also available now.

"Magic's game mechanic, by nature, is aggressive. Opponents play cards on the 'battlefield', to deal damage, and tick your opponent's life counter down to zero to win the game," said Dawn Murin, credited as Senior Art Director on Ponies: The Galloping, about the project on the website. "By contrast, My Little Pony (MLP) is built around themes like friendship and cooperation. Additionally, the immersive realism and painterly aesthetic for Magic's TCG expression is very different from the vectored, line dependent, stylized shapes that are MLP's aesthetic. It was challenging to strike the right balance between the two brands, and find that sweet spot on the Venn Diagram that satisfies both."

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Ponies: The Galloping, the set of three My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cards for Magic: The Gathering, are available to purchase now through Hasbro Pulse for $50, with a limit of four per customer. The set will be on sale until November 5th, or until supplies last. Hasbro Pulse is also currently selling playmats featuring art from the cards.q