Mystic Messenger Devs Announce New "Ray" Route, Holiday Updates

(Photo: Cheritz)

Happy Holidays, unwilling party planners: Mystic Messenger developers Cheritz have updated their official blog with a solid handful of announcements, including the release date of a long-awaited additional route. In a new post this week, the studio confirmed that it will officially release the "Ray" route as part of the Another Story DLC that released earlier this year.

"With all your love and support, the new character ‘Ray’ will be available on Another Story for play in upcoming January," the team wrote on their blog.

The mobile title took fans by storm when it released last Fall as an interactive dating sim with "real-time" conversations. The story takes place in modern-day South Korea, and puts players in the role of an unnamed young heroine who is pulled into the mystery and conspiracy behind what looks like a well-meaning charity organization. Along with taking on the job of planning a charity gala, they're given the opportunity to charm one of the cast members, and earn good, bad, or normal endings based on the choices they make. The addition of Ray will give the game seven routes, with over 20 different endings.

Ahead of the route's release, the 2016 Christmas DLC is currently on sale for 20% giving players a good handful of playtime hours as they attempt to plan a Christmas party while still going to good endings with the cast. The Christmas DLC was one of the first opportunities for players to score a longer end with Saeran, or "Ray" as he's known in Another Story.

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(Photo: Cheritz)

Additionally, for a limited time, players can log in to experience a brand new holiday chatroom that includes seasonal greetings from the game's cast, available with the game's most recent update. There's also a new special edition package for sale to celebrate Another Story, due for release some time after the Ray route. Details on what is inside have yet to be revealed.

Mystic Messenger is available now on iOS and Android.