Mythic Quest's Ashly Burch Says Her Character Is a "Heightened Part" of Herself

Apple TV+ subscribers who’ve already started watching the new comedy called Mythic Quest: [...]

Apple TV+ subscribers who've already started watching the new comedy called Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet have no doubt been introduced to Rachel, a game tester who works on the fictional MMO called Mythic Quest. Rachel is played by Ashly Burch, an actress who's known for playing vital roles in major video games and also has writing credits on the show. Burch's character is one of the voices of reason amid other chaotic members of the Mythic Quest team and is constantly looking out for others. It's those parts of the Rachel and others that Burch says turns her character into a "heightened part" of herself.

Burch is known for her video game roles such as Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 as well as Parvati in The Outer Worlds, so seeing her in Mythic Quest may be a different experience for people who are more used to just hearing her voice talents in different games. spoke to Burch ahead of the launch of Mythic Quest to learn more about this character and what viewers should expect to see from Rachel throughout the course of the show.

Describing her character in three ways, Burch called Rachel very opinionated, very spirited, and very progressive. Burch said that some of the ideas for things Rachel might say were jokingly referred to as "this SJW stuff" when writing the show, but Burch said it's the character's progressiveness and a desires to do the right thing that turn Rachel into a heightened part of herself.

"But it is very much like, she is a very heightened part of an aspect of myself, which is someone that is very invested in what is the right thing, what is the most progressive thing?" Burch said. "And then also sort of that ambition of wanting to be heard and stuff like that."

Burch continued to say Rachel is basically a piece of her, an opinionated one who's heavily focused on her ideals.

"But yeah, she's definitely like a little piece of me in that way, that sort of, soapbox is maybe not the best way to say it but just sort of grandstanding and having a lot of opinions and fighting for a sort of an ideal, is something that's a bit in me that is definitely also very heightened in Rachel," Burch added.

Rachel spends a lot of time with Dana in the show, a fellow game tester played by Imani Hakim with both of them creating Mythic Quest's love interest story. Burch's character also has some touching moments with others F. Murray Abraham's C.W. Longbottom, a character who writes the story for the show's fictitious Mythic Quest game.

Burch also compared the new show to other hits like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office, so if you're into either of those, it's worth checking out if you've got an Apple TV+ subscription.