Nazi Zombies Tips and Tricks Straight From Activision

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With Call of Duty: WWII on sale practically everywhere, it's the perfect time to square off against hordes of the undead: Nazi Zombies, more specifically. Though Activision has approached their beloved Zombie portion a little differently with this latest title, that doesn't mean it's any less fun (or challenging!). To help you gear up and ready to kick ass, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to become the B.J. Blazkowicz of the Call of Duty world.

In addition to the massive waves of zombies, there are also puzzles that players must face. These puzzles, when completed, help uncover precious artifacts that are trapped behind enemy lines, some even proving imperative to player survival.

Explore Mittelberg

The first tip offered by Activision is to take the time to explore Mitgtelberg. The prologue is deceptively easy, giving many new players a boost of confidence that could hurt them during the progression of the match.

"After you learn the ropes in the Prologue, the small village of Mittelberg where Nazi Zombies takes place has many secrets in store, from craftable hidden weapons to epic boss battles. Take a game or two to open up many of the areas on the map to learn the layout, or take the time to experiment with weapons so that you can figure out what combination you like best.

Essentially, do not be discouraged if you die in Nazi Zombies. It is meant to be a challenging experience, and you are bound to master it through trial, error, and practice."

Your Journal is your friend

"This Journal tracks your main objective in The Final Reich: to retrieve Emperor Frederick Barbarossa's sword, an ancient relic that seemingly possesses supernatural powers, from Doktor Straub’s bunker. Whenever you complete a task, the journal will mark your progress, and give you hints about the next part of the mission."

Though the journal itself obviously isn't a weapon, it does give the weapon of knowledge. Use this as your guide, and you can't go wrong - especially for those that love to hunt for the hidden Easter Eggs like we do! Don't worry, though - this isn't the easy way out - it's a loose guide, not a how-to. It won't hold your hand during completion, so you can still feel accomplished when you master Zombies.

Load out before you roll out

This should seem like common sense, but many players find themselves in a rush to take out the horde. Because of this, you might not have the best loadout that your arsenal has to offer, especially as additional pieces are added throughout exploration. Make sure to be stocked up on mods, consumables, weapon kits, and more before continuing on to the next stage.

"Mods are equivalent to Basic Training in Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer, and are permanent boosts to your character in-game. These boosts may give you extra ammo or grenades when spawning in, more frequent or longer lasting power-ups, and even extra benefits to your specials. Specials are powerful effects that charge up through killing zombies and range from camouflaging yourself so that zombies ignore you, to gaining unlimited ammunition for a short period of time. You can equip mods and specials once you reach level five in Nazi Zombies.

Weapon kits are how you can customize the weapons of Nazi Zombies to your liking. Whether you want to slap on your favorite camo, or equip an extended mag and a grip, weapon kits will give you a slight edge against the zombie horde with attachments that are also available in Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer. You will gain new attachments as you level up in Nazi Zombies, and you can unlock all attachments at the final levels of your progression."

Choose your Blitzes wisely

There are machines scattered throughout Mittelberg called Blitzes, and they provide special perks to players while in Zombie Mode. You can purchase them with in-game currency earned during your Zombie slaughtering rampage, and all six offer something special. One Blitz offers instant revival during solo play, another adds a buff to melee damage ... each one offers a unique perk in-game so choose wisely and make the choice based off of your playstyle needs. This is especially important because you can only choose 4 at a time, 5 if you have a specific mod in the current loadout. Weigh your odds before making that purchase.

Locate that mystery box!

The beloved mystery boxes are back! The killer of friendships, or the saviour in game - the mystery boxes are an iconic piece to the Zombies puzzle. This box will provide a mysterious weapon, including the most powerful found in-game. At the cost of 1000 Jolts, take a spin on that mystery box to see what you can find.

"The Mystery Box always spawns in the Command Room at the start of each game, but after a pre-determined number of uses, it will move to another location on the map. You will have to search around Mittelberg if you want to use the box again, and that may mean backtracking or opening new areas to find the elusive Mystery Box."

Discover "Die Ubersprengen"

"Also making its return to Nazi Zombies is the Upgrade Station, known as the “Ubersprengen,” where for a cool 5000 Jolts you can turn your weapon into an even more powerful zombie killing machine with a bit of Geistkraft. Every upgraded weapon receives a major damage boost, and some offer other benefits such as explosive rounds or quicker speed when aiming down sights.

The Upgrade Station can be found in the Sewers, but is sealed inside a rusty iron cage linked to a few chains hanging from the ceiling. You can access this machine by solving a simple puzzle, but you may have to get a bit dirty to figure it out."

Assemble your crew


Obviously the Zombie Mode can be played solo, but it's much more enjoyable with friends. Survive longer, complete the puzzles faster, and have a higher chance at getting all off those Easter Eggs. Just ... don't be stingy with those revives!

Call of Duty: WWII is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.