NBA 2K21 March 10 Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed

As the National Basketball Association looks to kick off the second half of its season on [...]

As the National Basketball Association looks to kick off the second half of its season on Wednesday, the league's video game counterpart is giving itself a little bit of a refresh as well. NBA 2K21 announced on Wednesday that a new update for the game was going live, fixing a few bugs and adding some new content for players. This update isn't has big as some of the patches from the previous months, but it's sizable enough to warrant a full patch note report from 2K.

This new update, which is already live, accomplishes two main goals. First and foremost, the update gives the entire game a few enhancements. New courts and content have been added to the 2K Beach mode, while a lot of players have had their likenesses updated in-game.

Secondly, this update is set to fix a few minor things in the MyTEAM mode. Some MyTEAM players may have noticed issues when opening Dark Matter packs or displays in playbook cards. All of those problems should now be fixed.

It's worth noting that this update is strictly for the "Current Gen" versions of the game. So Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will be getting this update on Wednesday. Players on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, however, will see it rolled out at a later date.

Here's the full list of patch notes from the latest NBA 2K21 update:

  • General
    • 2K Foundation inspired court at 2K Beach along with new seasonal decoration
    • Updated another set of player likenesses for current NBA players.
  • MyTEAM
    • Addressed a rare issue with Dark Matter player cards not displaying the player reveal during pack openings
    • Addressed an audio issue with Dark Matter card animations
    • Addressed a name display issue for some playbook cards
    • Additional various preparations for upcoming additions fo MyTEAM

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