Neill Blomkamp Wouldn’t Mind Another Chance To Direct A Halo Movie

Do you remember a long time ago when Microsoft showed interest in making a big-screen adaptation [...]


Do you remember a long time ago when Microsoft showed interest in making a big-screen adaptation of its hit game franchise Halo, and, at one point, acclaimed director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) was actually on board to direct? Well, some of you might have missed it, because the whole thing pretty much collapsed before it started – even with the likes of producer Peter Jackson on board.

That said, Blomkamp isn't bitter. In fact, during a recent Reddit AMA, the director noted that he still has interest in doing the project, if Microsoft ever found the opportunity to ask him about it.

"I love Halo," he noted during the AMA. "Still. But I seem to have a bad track record of turning existing franchises into films. Haha, Do I love the world? Master Chief? Reach, the Colonies, the Floor, the Covenant? YES. Am I going to end up directing a piece in that world? Proabbly not – meaning no one is asking me."

It's a shame, really. At the height of its popularity, and with each new release, the games have managed to sell millions of copies across the board – and Blomkamp proved he was more than up for the job with the short film Halo: Landfall that dropped a few years ago. He did note that he'd love to make more short films of that nature, working alongside his new short film company Oats.

But he's not the only one that wants to see these projects happen. Frank O' Connor, Halo franchise director, recently answered a fan on Twitter who asked about the films, to which O'Connor happily responded, "Well, we love @neilblomkamp & the worlds he's built and we'd be delighted to work with him again one day. Also he's a top bloke."

Will we ever see the two sides come together? Never say never, but it appears Microsoft is hard at work focusing on its Xbox One X at the moment, while 343 Industries is working on something related to Halo, even if it hasn't noted just what it is yet. Hopefully, we can see a team-up somewhere down the road, while Halo is still a hot commodity.