Netflix Announces 40 Free Games for Subscribers

Netflix has reaffirmed its commitment to gaming, and in the process has announced that subscribers will be treated to 40 free games between now and the end of the year, building upon the 55 that have been dished out since November 2021. What all of these 40 games are, we don't know. Netflix doesn't say, but it does tease a few of them.  And it even teases some games beyond this. For example, it has announced that Monument Valley and its sequel are set to be added to Netflix's games collection next year.

Other releases teased is a new Too Hot to Handle game from Nanobit, which will build "on the success of its previous title based on the titular dating show." Meanwhile, on April 18, Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, a Netflix-exclusive spin-off from Ubisoft's Mighty Quest For Epic Loot will release. This game, the second of three in a larger partnership with Ubisoft, will be free in addition to being exclusive. The last game specifically teased is an exclusive game from Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp that is "based on an unannounced upcoming Netflix IP."

In total, Netflix relays word it 86 games in development, 16 of which are made in-house by its development teams, and 70 of which are being made by external patrners. 

"We're still in the early days of our games journey, and the number of members who know about and play our games continues to grow," said Netflix. "At the beginning of our journey in November 2021, our focus was speed to market and creating opportunities for valuable learning. With those learnings we are now able to be more strategic around how we build out a portfolio of games that appeals to our millions of members."

So far, Netflix's gaming experiment has not gone very well, with only one percent of users engaging with any of the content. That said, as you can see, Netflix insists this number is growing. How quickly they are growing, and whether it will be enough to sustain this pricey endevour, remains to be seen.

H/T, Games Industry.