Netflix Is Hiring Game Designers to Create More Shows Like 'Bandersnatch'

Netflix appears to be investing more into its interactive experiences with a job listing for a [...]

Netflix appears to be investing more into its interactive experiences with a job listing for a narrative designer. The listing shown on Netflix's job page calls for someone who can apply "passion for interactive experiences, narrative design and technology to help reimagine the future of entertainment experiences on Netflix." It references Black Mirror: Bandersnatch as an example of these experiences, a movie which exists in the Black Mirror universe and is the first widely-known and received example of Netflix's interactive work.

What's interesting about this job listing is that it says Netflix is looking for someone with a background in video game design. Like story-based, episodic games such as Telltale's The Walking Dead that adapted The Walking Dead into a new, interactive story, Bandersnatch gave viewers the option to control the outcome of the narrative with decisions made at important and sometimes seemingly inconsequential moments. Bandersnatch skewed more towards a movie than a game, though the two mediums shared similar elements, and it looks as though Netflix is hoping to bring some of that gaming expertise into its interactive team.

"Above all, you have deep expertise helping design and craft interactive narratives across a range of mediums (video, games, apps) and platforms (TV, mobile, web) for a diverse audience," part of the job listing's description reads.

The requirements for the job also call for someone with eight or more years of "professional hands-on narrative and/or game design experience in a digital media or production environment" as well as a portfolio that includes examples of narrative design in apps or games.

Seeing Netflix hire for more interactive experience projects isn't wholly surprising considering the success of Bandersnatch. Netflix's product vice president was quoted as saying that the movie was a "huge hit around the world" and that the company would be "doubling down" on interactive experiences. The trailer above for You vs Wild shows another example of Netflix's commitment to the product with an interactive series that features Bear Grylls and tasks players with making survival decisions in the wild.


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