Netflix Is Still Considering a Nintendo Switch App

Nintendo Switch owners don’t have to give up hope for a Netflix app just yet with the company [...]

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Nintendo Switch owners don't have to give up hope for a Netflix app just yet with the company saying that they're "still exploring" the possibilities of a Switch port.

Being able to watch your favorite Netflix shows on the go with the handheld convenience of the Switch seems like a no-brainer, but at the moment, the Switch doesn't have a Netflix app. Owners of the console have been wondering if it could possibly come to the Switch and no doubt got a bit concerned when one of Netflix's social media accounts put out a tweet that said there were "no plans for Netflix on Nintendo Switch."

The tweet was a reply to an account dedicated to Nintendo Switch news that asked the main Netflix account as well as the customer service account if there would be any future plans for a Netflix app. With a Switch app being in high demand as the initial account's tweet indicated, the news that there are no plans for one would be disheartening, but Netflix soon followed up with another statement about the app.

Speaking to Polygon who reached out about the now-deleted tweet, a representative from Netflix explained that plans for the streaming service on the Switch are still being explored.

"We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time," Netflix told Polygon.

The response from Netflix should restore some Switch owners' hopes that the customer service tweet dashed, but it still doesn't give a definite answer about the possibility of the Switch getting a Netflix app. After the console launched without the app and other streaming services, making Netflix on the Switch a reality been discussed more than a few times. Reports came last year that the Switch would be getting the app while Nintendo of America's Reggie Fil-Aime even chimed in on the Netflix discussion, but still no guarantees were given.

It still remains to be seen whether the Switch will receive a Netflix app, but the continued pressure from Switch owners who want to shift seamlessly from games to movies thanks to the freedom of the handheld should help spur things along.