Watch The Witcher Bring Aard Sign to Life in Stunt Video

Those who watched Netflix’s The Witcher without much prior knowledge from the books or games probably got plenty of entertainment out of the fight scenes by themselves, but those who came into the show with some background info likely recognized some of the specific resources and moves Geralt of Rivia was using. One of those was the “Aard” sign, a telekinetic blast that’s used early on in the series to launch a group of swordsmen back. Thanks to a new behind-the-scenes video showing how some of the stunts were performed in The Witcher, we get to see the magic behind this move.

The video below was shared by Lucy Unger and is the second of the stunt videos from The Witcher. Around 30 seconds into the video, we see an outdoors setup where multiple people stuntmen are attached to cables. With a wave of the hand, they’re all sent flying backwards onto some mats to show what happens when Geralt uses the Aard sign.

People who’ve been keeping up with The Witcher may recall that we first saw this Aard sign used in the full trailer for the series which debuted prior to its release. Geralt doesn’t use these signs too often in the show, and he doesn’t make a big deal out of it when he does, so it’s an action that you might miss or forget about if you weren’t already looking for it.


Aside from showing how the sign’s effect was created, the same stunt video has many more insightful looks at different moments throughout the first season of The Witcher. We get to see some behind-the-scenes looks at how Geralt fought the Striga, the creepy monster he had to fight all night before locking it out of its crypt to break the curse. Around four minutes and 15 seconds into the video, we also get to see someone set ablaze when shooting the scene where Villentretenmerth, the fabled golden dragon, sets someone on fire to protect his kind.

The first season of The Witcher is now available to stream on Netflix. You can find our full review of the first season here.