Netflix's The Witcher Will Have a Bathtub Scene

Netflix released its first trailer for The Witcher on Friday, and with that came the best looks [...]

Netflix released its first trailer for The Witcher on Friday, and with that came the best looks yet at characters, powers, conflicts, and more parts of the upcoming TV show. It was a big reveal after screenshots were shared occasionally and the San Diego Comic-Con panel built up to its release, but there was one scene that was noticeably absent. Geralt was not seen in a bathtub like he was at the start of The Witcher 3, but for those worried that the whole show will go without a similar moment, the showrunner reassured fans that there will indeed be a bathtub scene.

During a roundtable interview at SDCC, io9 asked The Witcher showrunner Lauren Hissrich if there'd be a bathtub scene anywhere in the Netflix show. Hissrich wouldn't confirm whether or not it'd be Henry Cavill's Geralt who was in the tub, but there will definitely be a scene of some sort in The Witcher.

"There is a bathtub this season" Hissrich said. "There is a bathtub. I won't tell you who's in the bathtub, but there is a bathtub."

If you're not catching onto the trend of The Witcher late in the game perhaps because you're just now on board because of the trailer or the fact that Cavill and other actors have signed on, you might be wondering why a tub scene is even important. The reference comes from The Witcher 3 where it features Geralt in a tub, a relatively tame scene compared to the rest of the games that's become a huge hit with the community. This meme has manifested itself in different ways since then with one of the best examples of this being the statue of Geralt that immortalizes him in that moment.

Though we don't know who that scene will feature yet and likely won't know until the first season of The Witcher releases, we did learn some other details about the show from Hissrich. participated in a roundtable interview and learned that the show isn't based on the book that most people will think it will be.

Netflix's The Witcher does not yet have a release date, but the first episode is scheduled to be release on the streaming platform late in 2019.