New 'Alice' Game From American McGee In the Works, Here's How to Get Involved With 'Alice: Asylum'

American McGee's Alice franchise took the beloved Alice in Wonderland series and turned it into a [...]

American McGee's Alice franchise took the beloved Alice in Wonderland series and turned it into a horrifying nightmare that fans couldn't get enough of. Though the mechanics were criticized for being stilted, the game as a whole was praised for its immersive narrative and unique twist to a well-known tale. Back in 2017, the studio reached out for help convincing EA to back a new game in this twisted version of Alice and now it looks like a new project is well underway.


"American is hard at work on design, art, and story for the next chapter in Alice's adventures," reads the latest blog post from the studio. "Alice: Asylum will present the story before American McGee's Alice, with young Alice fighting through the trauma of losing her family."

Excited for a potential new adventure? There's a couple of ways to show your support! The first is sign up for the mailing list here. The next is you can follow the progress over on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

There's also a Patreon that you can pledge to right here to see step-by-step updates for the new game and what progress is being made towards completion. "Join me and the Alice community in shaping the visuals, mechanics, and narrative of Alice's next adventure," reads the Patreon introduction. "Via Patreon, YouTube, and other sharing platforms we're working as a team to make sure the next Alice game is everything you want it to be. Here on Patreon you'll get early access to our creative output and have a direct line of communication to me and the community!"

As a Patron you will get:

  • Early access to art, design, and production updates.
  • Your questions and comments addressed directly during live streams.
  • Your name/credit on screen during live streams.
  • More fun stuff TBD!

To learn more, check it out for yourself right here. Though we don't have any kind of release window in mind at this time, it's exciting to see so much passion once more and we can't wait to see what other twisted adventures await our mad, mad Alice.

What do you hope to see in the next adventure? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!