New Batman Game Teaser Seemingly Confirms Two-Face

Another set of teasers for the new Batman game from Warner Bros. and WB Montreal released on Wednesday that seemingly confirmed the involvement of the infamous Batman villain Two-Face. The teasers were shared in similar fashion to ones that came before them and involved the entering of a code to see what the game's website hid this time. The result is another part of the game's map with text over it that implicates Two-Face in whatever kind of game is being teased.

If you enter the code "941" in box presented when you visit the r3dakt3d site, you'll unlock the second teaser shown below. It provides another look at what can only be assumed to far to be another part of the game's map, though we of course haven't heard any official word about what location this map refers to.

Batman Game Teaser
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

What's most interesting about the teaser, however, is what's shown on the actual site before you download the image. An animated graphic appears showing a fragmented look at the same map with the words "Face Two Face" over it. The orientation of the words is an odd one, but it's hard to imagine this meaning anything other than Two-Face's involvement.

Batman Two-Face Teaser
(Photo: Warner Bros. )

Of course, that itself was leaked before it was revealed through the website. People have been digging through the teaser site to try and find out what's to be revealed in the future and already uncovered the phrase shown over the image here. That led to speculation that Two-Face would be involved in some capacity, and while we still haven't had that 100% confirmed yet, this appears to be as close as we'll get to that.

Over on Twitter, a separate teaser was shared with another cryptic message and image. Attached to the teaser was a message waiting to be solved that says "The truth has been scrambled" once it's deciphered. A jumbled image when pieced together revealed the code to be entered on the site to unlock the Two-Face hint. This image shared on Twitter looked as though it could be teasing The Court of Owls once more.


This new project should be making an appearance at the DC FanDome event later this weekend, so we'll hopefully have more answers then. The teasers will continue between now and then though, so expect to see more secrets uncovered.