New Death Stranding Gameplay Demo Revealed

Hideo Kojima’s fans and those looking forward to Death Stranding were treated to another [...]

Hideo Kojima's fans and those looking forward to Death Stranding were treated to another presentation during Tokyo Game Show that showed off more of the game. While we've seen some gameplay recently that showed what Norman Reedus' character Sam Bridges will actually be doing in Death Stranding, this latest demo gave a look at some quieter moments within a safe house. Players can hang out there and take a break from the action, check out their gear, and customize different parts of Sam's loadout.

The Death Stranding presentation took place during one of Sony's PlayStation Live events and featured Kojima himself walking viewers through what's happening in the demo. Though the audio is in Japanese, we can still make out some of what Sam is doing within the safe house. He'll be able to look at his gear and interact with the Bridge Babies that are so integral to the game's story, and players will also be able to take a look at Sam and everything in the safe house by swinging the camera around.

If looks like you're not allowed to look at everything in the safe house though. around three minutes into the demo, the person controlling the camera focuses in on Sam's groin. The character takes offense to that by lifting up the camera and punching it away before returning to his seat.

Should Sam get dirty on his travels, you'll be able to clean the character up within the safe house to get him looking good again. You can also outfit him with different gear like a hat that says Bridges across the front and comes in different colors. The whole room itself can also be customized to have different colors on the walls and decorations.

Towards the end of the demo, we see Sam move outside the safety of his customizable safe space. He's able to take a bath in a nearby body of water with his Bridge Baby kept safely by his side, floating in the water.

The reveal of this demo follows the release of the trailer at the top which also came from Tokyo Game Show. It's the lengthy trailer which was promised to come from the gaming event alongside Kojma's numerous presentations of the game.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on November 8th.