New Deathloop Details Show How PvP, Invasions Work

After more than one gameplay reveal and preview for Deathloop, we’ve now gotten a deep dive into [...]

After more than one gameplay reveal and preview for Deathloop, we've now gotten a deep dive into what the game's PvP element will look like. It revolves around one-on-one battles between one player controlling Cole and another controlling Julianna with some NPC components mixed in as well. It's also completely optional, but for those who decide to enable the PvP aspect of the game, it looks as though it'll add an engaging layer to Arkane Studios' new game.

Deathloop game director Dinga Bakaba spoke about the game's PvP mode during a recent panel which aired during the opening day of QuakeCon 2021. For those who didn't catch the panel as it happened, you can watch it again online now with a post on Bethesda's site accompanying it to offer more details about PvP in Deathloop.

When you're playing as Colt, you're playing through the main campaign of Deathloop. Julianna is controlled by an opposing player and invades your playthrough with her own unique loadout in an attempt to take you out. Colt has to be killed three times to deplete his "Reprise" resource and fully eliminate him whereas Julianna only has one life.

Though Colt has more lives, Julianna has Deathloop's setting on her side. She can use clues around the area to determine where Colt is and can learn of his location from the Eternalist NPCs on the island. She also has a power which allows her to blend in better with the crowd.

"Julianna's signature power is Masquerade, which allows her to trade appearances with another Eternalist or Visionary (or even Colt, if you're looking to mess with his mind a little)," a preview of the game's PvP mode said. "Hide in plain sight with this ability and use Colt's confusion to your advantage. He might think he's aiming down his sights at you, but in reality he'll be taking out your decoy and letting you know where he's hiding."

If Colt wins against Julianna, he gets a "windfall of Residuum" which can be used to unlock gear and abilities. He also refills his Reprise meter to allow him to be ready for the next invading Julianna. If Julianna beats Colt and completes other actions like tactical maneuvers, she gets Hunter Points which are used to get weapons, powers, and more.

Deathloop players can turn off the PvP element, but they'll still be invaded by an AI-controlled Julianna regardless.

Deathloop releases for the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms on September 14th.