New Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack is a Tribute to Shadow Dragon

(Photo: Nintendo)

The second DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors launches next week, adding new costumes, maps, and conversations to the long-running list of things to do within the game's fantasy world. This particular DLC pack stands out for its' many nods to a former game in the franchise, known as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, including three of the game's most memorable characters -- Minerva, Navarre and Linde.

The update adds three new history maps, which also pay homage for Shadow Dragon - the Princess Minerva Map, Knorda Market Map and the Brush in Teeth Map, all of which star one of the three heroes added to the roster. These maps reward players with special new costumes for various characters, including: Marth's Bridegroom outfit, Tiki's Vibrant Dress outfit, Lyn's Swordmaster set, and Caeda's bride outfit. Players can also acquire new weapons for their cast of characters, which include Navarre's Wo Dao, Caeda's Wing Spear, Minerva's Hauteclere, Linde's Aura, Tiki's Divinestone and Anna's Bow.

There's a lot more where that came from, so here's the full rundown from Nintendo:

  • New Skills: Lone Wolf, Quick Wit and Minerva's Iote's Shield, which cancels any enemy effectiveness.
  • New History Maps: Princess Minerva Map, Knorda Market Map and the Brush in Teeth Map.
  • New Support Conversations
  • New Costumes: Lyn's Swordmaster costume, as well as costumes for Marth, Caeda and Tiki.
  • New Armor Break Models
  • New Weapons / Weapon Attributes: New weapons include Caeda's Wing Spear, Linde's Aura, Navarre's Wo Dao, Minerva's Hauteclere, Tiki's Divinestone and Anna's Bow. New weapon attributes include the ability to swap attack and defense, as well as inflicting additional damage against characters with the same or opposite gender.

The second wave DLC will be available on the 14th starting at 4pm PT, for the price of $8.99 USD. The game's season pass, which will include all DLCs, is currently available for $19.99, which might save you some money if you're a long-time fan of the franchise who might end up buying more DLC packs than you anticipated just for the throwbacks.


Additionally, the next Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack is set for release in March, so the wait between won't be very long at all.

Fire Emblem Warriors is out now for Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS.