Apple Reveals New and Improved iPad Pro Line

Apple had another live event today to focus more on their PC and iPad lines and the team revealed a stunning new iPad Pro for those users that are always on the go. Thinner, smaller, and all around sleeker, the new iPad Pro line looks nothing short of stunning.

The name of the game for the new line is all about portability. While opening up the screen display, Apple also made the framework sleeker and slimmer, so not only is the display bigger, but the unit itself is smaller and lighter to carry.

There are two options available: The 11inch display and the 12. 9 inch. Both offer a quarter of a million more pixels and 25% less volume than their predecessors. Apple also revealed that they took away the home button to make everything quicker and easier to use.

The new iPad are also 92% faster than any other mobile PC unit out there on the market. It also doubles the previous generation's performance graphically, making it the optimal portable experience. It also functions similarly to that of the Xbox One X graphically, but at a fraction of the size.

The Apple pencil has also been completely revamped, which is great for creators. The pencil itself is magnetic that automatically charges when connected to the system. Pair that with the USB-changed ports, this is the most accessible iPad has been since it first launched. Attach a second monitor, a keyboard, the pencil itself? This is truly a system that adapts to the user.


120 FPS is what the iPad Pro boasts for mobile gaming, which was showcased using the new Assassin's Creed mobile game Rebellion. This is meant to be a system for creators, mobile gamers, and even engineers with the addition of autocad support.

iPad Pro 11" starts at $799: 64GB, 256, 512 and 1TB. iPad Pro 12.9 starts at $999 with similar specs. Available to order now and will launch on November 7th.