New League of Legends Emotes Have Arrived

Several new League of Legends emotes are now available for purchase that range from sad cats to [...]

League of Legends New Emotes
(Photo: Riot Games)

Several new League of Legends emotes are now available for purchase that range from sad cats to unbenching the Kench.

The newest emotes to join the ranks of the various ways to express yourself in League of Legends can be seen above, all of which are available for purchase for 450 RP each. It's pretty clear to see which names are associated with the emotes, but from left to right starting at the top, the emotes are as follows:

  • You Get the Horns
  • Justice Garen-teed
  • Unbenched
  • Charmed
  • Sad Kitten

Each of the five new emotes is pretty different from the last, but each of them do an excellent job of showing how different messages can be easily conveyed through using one emote over another. Throw up the Justice Garen-teed emote after narrowly dodging an enemy's abilities and you'll personify that courageous, possibly cocky attitude, and when you combine Alistar's new emote with his Moocow skin, you've got the perfect combination for some nonstop Alistar emote spam.

Of course, if you don't want to see any of these emotes in your game from yourself or anyone else, it's important to keep in mind that the emotes can be muted to remove them from sight. Riot Games' FAQ on the topic reminds players how to go about doing that:

How do I mute emotes?

There are two ways to mute emotes. You can mute all enemy emotes in the in-game settings menu, or mute individual player emotes through the scoreboard.

Will muting emotes also mute the champion mastery emote?

Yes. Champion mastery emotes are now part of the emotes system, so they follow all the same rules.

But while some of these emotes are usually pretty harmless and can be funny to see in-game, others will make your "Leave Game" muscle memory kick in and quickly make you go AFK. To see which emotes players have decided will make you tilt the quickest, you can check out a player-made list that ranked the most tilting emotes.

Look for these five emotes in the store to add to your collection for just 450 RP each.