New Marvel's Spider-Man Statues Revealed

When it comes to video games based on comics, few have reached the level of quality and popularity [...]

When it comes to video games based on comics, few have reached the level of quality and popularity as Marvel's Spider-Man. The 2018 PlayStation 4 exclusive caught on with fans and critics in a big way, and as everyone waits for the inevitable sequel, a plethora of merchandise has been released. The latest includes a pair of statues from Diamond Select Toys and Cortes Studios that are exclusive to GameStop. The pair feature two of Spidey's most popular looks from the game: the Advance Suit and the Spider-Punk design. The Advance Suit statue is available in stores today, while the Spider-Punk statue will release on February 7th.

Spider-Man Advance Suit statue
(Photo: Diamond Select)

The two statues are made of PVC, and come in window boxes with GameStop's Gamerverse branding. The Advance Suit statue is approximately 9 inches tall and features a taxi cab base with an advertisement for the Daily Bugle. The Spider-Punk base comes in just a bit shorter at approximately 7 inches tall. These are not the first statues from Cortes Studios based on the game. The company has also released designs based on Spider-Man Noir, the Rhino, and a different design based on the Advance Suit.

Spider-Punk Statue
(Photo: Diamond Select)

It's unsurprising to see the Advance Suit getting a second statue, considering it's the most popular look from the game, and the one created specifically for it. As far as Spider-Punk is concerned, the costume actually debuted in Marvel's Spider-Verse comics, worn by Hobie Brown (known as Prowler in the main Marvel Universe). That particular series also introduced the world to Spider-Gwen, who likely overshadowed Spider-Punk, but the suit gained a lot of attention from fans thanks to the game. As such, it only makes sense that it would receive a statue, as well.

Developed by Insomniac Games, Marvel's Spider-Man featured an all-new take on the wall-crawler. While many of the character's depictions feature a younger hero, the game's protagonist is a more seasoned version, with an established gallery of rogues. A sequel to the game has been announced, but no release date is known at this time.

The two Marvel's Spider-Man statues will retail for $49.99 each and can be ordered from GameStop here. Do you plan on picking up either of these statues? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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