New EA Trademark Could Hint at a Shepard-Related 'Mass Effect' Game Coming Soon

Hi, resident Mass Effect fangirl here - always on the hunt for new info. While we've known for awhile now that BioWare would eventually be moseying back over to their hit space franchise, we didn't have any idea of what it could be. Could we finally be getting a continuation of Andromeda? What about something along the lines of Commander Shepard? Something new entirely? Well, a new trademark seems to suggest that something Shepard related could be on the horizon, though there's a few things I want to get out of the way first before we dive right in.

Firstly, the video is wildly speculative. EA is a mega publisher with a ton of IPs in the works from numerous studios. This theory is 100% fan-coloured, so take everything with a grain of salt. The only reason I'm even sharing it is because I recently sat down with Mike Gamble, the lead producer for Anthem who had previously worked on Andromeda, to talk about BioWare's new IP and naturally - Mass Effect came up.

Before I go into what Gamble said, I also want to state that the Project Apex trademark could also be Star Wars related. Though one game was recently cancelled, another did take its place. A lot of the points the YouTuber in the video above brought up could easily apply to the Star Wars universe as well.

Now, to what Gamble said. When I asked for anything more he could add on about the future of Mass Effect following Casey Hudson's big tease earlier last year, he smiled at me like a man with a plan and my fangirl space heart instantly knew I wasn't going to get a straight answer but it would be good nonetheless.

"I wish I could talk about Mass Effect stuff," he said. "One day, one DAY, we are going to go back to Mass Effect. And who knows what that game could be about," he added with a wink. "It could be about anything, ANYTHING. It could be fiction from Andromeda, fiction from the trilogy, it could be something new. You never know, but don't worry - you'll find out soon enough."

Since an alternate ending came out following Mass Effect 3's ending where a player's Shepard could survive and pairing that with the secret audio files in Andromeda where you hear more about the reaper takeover from Liara and more on Shepard, the future of the franchise could go anywhere.

Regarding the Project Apex trademark seen in the video above, the part that really struck out to the YouTuber and could actually be plausible is all of the repeating "not dead" files found. Could that be referencing Shepard? We don't know, but it sure is fun as hell to speculate!


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Source: Skullzi