New Pokemon Snap: Every Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in the Game

There are a surprising amount of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap. The Lental Region is filled with mystery and wonder, as New Pokemon Snap players are thrust into exploring a series of ancient ruins and investigating the mysterious Illumina phenomenon. However, while the Illumina phenomenon is the central mystery of New Pokemon Snap, players will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with numerous Mythical and Legendary Pokemon as they make their way through the region. Given how rare Mythical Pokemon are supposed to be in the Pokemon world, it's very surprising how many Mythical Pokemon are in the Lental Region. In fact, every island save for one has at least one Mythical Pokemon hiding away on it.

Some of the Mythical Pokemon are pretty easy to find, while others are subtly tucked away throughout the different regions. For now, we'll leave some of the mystery intact on how to find each Pokemon, but we will provide a list of the Mythical Pokemon and what courses to find them.

  • Shaymin - Florio Nature Park (Day)
  • Mew - Founja Jungle
  • Manaphy - Maricopia Reef (Evening)
  • Celebi - Elsewhere Forest
  • Diancie - Outaway Cave
  • Jirachi - Ruins of Remembrance

While there are a half-dozen Mythical Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, there are only four Legendary Pokemon in the game. Three of the Legendary Pokemon are nods to the second generation of Pokemon games, while the fourth is at the heart of the Illumina phenomenon. Here's the list of Legendary Pokemon and what courses to find them.

  • Lugia - Lental Seafloor
  • Ho-Oh - Fireflow Volcano
  • Suciune - Shiver Snowfields (Night)
  • Xerneas - Ruins of Remembrance (Illumina Spot)

One of the big surprises in New Pokemon Snap is that, with the exception of Xerneas, none of the Legendary or Mythical Pokemon are really the focus of any particular route. Shaymin and Celebi play small roles in their respective courses and Lugia's lair is a separate spot to discover in the Lental Seafloor course, but the other Pokemon are mostly given cool cameo appearances. It's one of the ways that New Pokemon Snap keeps these Pokemon's mystique intact, even when snapping photos of Pokemon that only appear once in a thousand years.

New Pokemon Snap is available now.