PS5 and Next Xbox Could Have Cross-Play As a Major Focus, According to Studio

Though Sony and Microsoft did confirm that the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox systems were currently in the works, we haven't heard anything more concrete about the next generation since then. We've had leaks, rumors, and patent reveals, but nothing firmly from the companies themselves about what's to come. With Sony having recently done a 180 on their stance against cross-play for Fortnite, one studio is saying that this could set the precedent for the next generation and what that means for both Xbox and PlayStation players.

With more and more games opening up those cross-play gates (Hello, Rocket League), Sony is at a point where they can no longer ignore that this feature is in high demand between the two console platforms. Many studios agree with this notion, with some weighing in on what's next.

"With the recent trends we've seen, we would not exclude it," said Avalanche Games' Paul Keslin to Gaming Bolt. "New technology is always exciting to work with, and we can't wait to see what the future holds in store, both for players and developers."

Needless to say, the industry is definitely rethinking their stance on breaking down platform barriers. With Sony's staunch stance against cross-platform play up until this point, it was difficult for studios to want to even fight that battle but games like Rocket League and Fortnite have paved the way.

With the Xbox brand flourishing once more under its newer leadership with Phil Spencer at the helm and the team over at PlayStation undergoing several major leadership changes itself, the next generation would provide the perfect clean slate for a new wave of gaming. A wave where the separation between consoles is less apparent, and the gaming community can once again be a more united microcosm of adventures and epic online matches.


From previous leaks we've also learned that Sony is considering backwards compatibility for its next console, as well as some incredible fan-made concept art. You can learn even more about what the next wave of platforms will potentially offer with our Community Hub right here.

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