New Rocksteady 'Superman' Game Leak Spotted

There have been rumors regarding what Rocksteady's next big project will be with a new Superman [...]

There have been rumors regarding what Rocksteady's next big project will be with a new Superman game continuing to be a forerunner. Now a new leak has supported that a Superman announcement may be imminent thanks to a Systems Requirement check available online.

One keen-eyed Resetera user noticed a listing for Rocksteady's Superman: World's Finest over on According to the listing itself, the rumored game doesn't have a release date set at this time, but it does show that the game is under the "Action, Adventure" genre. The user also noted in his original post that this was the same site that leaked (accidentally) the Devil May Cry V game, which was announced a month after the listing was spotted.

The Game Awards is less than two weeks away and it is promising over ten new game announcements. If the month timeline stays true, that means we could very well be getting our first official look at Rocksteady's Superman: World's Finest next month!

Could this just be a misunderstanding? Absolutely, but that's not just some generic Superman title, that's an actual game title - one that a little too specific to be a fluke. Still, even with evidence such as this - take all rumors and leaks with a grain of salt until the developers themselves confirm the good news.

According to an anonymous poster earlier this year, "Rocksteady and WB Montreal are also working on a joint multiplayer game (Hence the multiplayer hiring on Rocksteady's site). This is for a planned Justice League game down the road. They had to nail Superman first. Announcement should be incoming about a couple weeks before E3. (One of those "see more/gameplay at E3 type of reveals)"

They also mentioned that though this game is in the works, that a new open-world Superman game is taking priority. We've got a few details on what to expect from that alleged project, including a major villain revealed, right here.

Though obviously the claim that it would be revealed at E3 seems to debunk the entire post given that the latest title was nowhere to be seen, it is interesting to see what could possibly be on the horizon.

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