New Sega Genesis Game Tanzer Makes Its Way To Kickstarter


It's been ages since we've gotten a new game for the Sega Genesis. Granted, the platform is considered retired, even though we've got new compilations like Sega Genesis Classics to remind us of its greatness. But what we wouldn't give to see a new game made specifically for Sega's system, just to bring some old-school feeling back.

Apparently, a Swedish designer named Mikael Tillander was feeling the same way. This week, he launched a new Kickstarter project for an original Sega Genesis hack-and-slash game called Tanzer, in the hopes of giving system owners something new to enjoy. And boy, has it taken off like a rocket.

In the first two days of the project's run, it's already managed to meet its $2,280 goal. In fact, it's surpassed that, currently sitting at $3,597. This guarantees that the game won't just be made; but that stretch goals will likely be added as well to make the adventure even bigger.

"The game can be best described as being a horizontally scrolling, full on action hack and slash platformer. The design influences is taken from games like Strider, Osman and Hagane to artists like Keita Amemiya and Roger Dean and to anime series such as Guyver," the official product page explains.

The final game will have the following features:

  • 8 Levels (5 sub stages per level) with its own environments like Old West, Ancient Rome and Flying Pirate Ships to name a few
  • Sub Bosses for all of the sub stages
  • End of Level Bosses
  • In-Between Stages Shop where you gain your Transmutational Power and replenishes health and more
  • Secrets (like stages and hidden treasures)

As far as gameplay goes, "We have explosive action! Apart from the normal 6-way Slash, you can Triple Jump and achieve hit combos for enemies destroyed in air, you can use Transmutational Powers to finish off bigger enemies quicker, or as a defensive move."

You can see the gameplay video for Tanzer at this page, and it looks pretty exciting with a number of different boss encounters and fun action to go around.


If all goes according to plan with the campaign, it's expected to go into production sometime in September. There's no word if we'll see a more current version for PC and consoles...but you never know.

Want to get in on the action? You can go to the Kickstarter page and actually get a region-free cartridge to play as it's both Mega Drive and Genesis friendly.

Congrats to Tillander for reaching funding. We can't wait to see the finished Tanzer in action later this year!