New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Footage Coming on Monday


This week -- courtesy of E3 -- we got a healthy slab of new Marvel's Spider-Man gameplay footage. There was the new lengthy Sony press conference trailer introducing the Sinister Six, over 10 minutes of raw gameplay footage featuring a Shocker boss fight, and even new footage showing of the game's world map.

We got a lot, enough to hold off even the biggest Marvel fan until September. But developer Insomniac Games isn't stopping there. This Monday, it will show off more.

Word of new gameplay footage comes way of the developer's official Instagram page, where it promises even more Spidey action to help you overcome the worst day of the week.

As you can see, the "very special" livestream will come courtesy of the developer's official Twitch account, and will feature some members of the team playing the game and giving developer commentary.

Whether the gameplay will feature any never-before-seen action, probably not. The post mentions it will just run through the same thing the E3 demo showed, but that doesn't mean it won't possibly feature a little bit of varation. It's also unclear whether or not "very special" implies more is in store than just gameplay with dev commentary. If so, maybe we'll get a character reveal or some minor announcement akin in significance.

While the gameplay footage might wind up being beat for beat what the demo footage showcased, it will at least come packing dev commentary, which should provide for some new insights and tidbits.

It seems unlikely this will be host of anything significant though, as 5 p.m. EST on a Monday doesn't exactly scream to me juicy new details or footage. I imagine if it was anything substantial, it would have just been revealed at E3 this week. But hey, you never know.


Marvel's Spider-Man is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4. And as long as Sony doesn't drop any type of last minute delay, it will ship on September 7th.

Let us know in the comments below what you think will be shown off on the livestream, and whether you plan on tuning in for it. If you don't, you'll be able to catch the details right here on WWG not long after.