New 'Super Nintendo World' Mock-Up Images Promise a Really Fun Time

Super Nintendo World continues on with its production plans and is still on course for a 2020 [...]


Super Nintendo World continues on with its production plans and is still on course for a 2020 release in Japan. We were already excited enough about -- hello, Nintendo -- but the latest mock-up images to surface for what this experience could have to offer just made hype levels go through the roof.

Nintendo enthusiast Brian Cooper shared the most recent images from Nintendo showing off what sort of design direction they could be taking with the theme park. It's exciting to see any sort of progress on it, especially when it was announced back in 2015 with no real news until 2017.

The purpose of the park is to celebrate many of the classic Nintendo franchises like Super Mario, and the team over at Nintendo and Universal Studios are hoping to have it up and running by the time Tokyo's 2020 Summer Olympics kick off - prime tourist time, prime Nintendo fan opportunity.

"Theme park development with Universal Parks & Resorts is underway," President Shuntaro Furukawa informed fans earlier this year. "Construction on the 'Super Nintendo World' area at Universal Studios Japan is to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics."

The only downside to this incredible park is that it is -- at least for the foreseeable future -- restricted to just Japan so if you're not local and are looking to see the sights, you might want to dust off that 'ol passport.

Would you be willing to go all the way out to Japan just to experience Super Nintendo World with Mario and the gang? Or is the grand opening of the Star Wars park later this year more your speed? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

You can also see even more incredible mock-up designs right here over on Nintendo's website!