New Witcher Game Sparks Speculation With New Medallion

Precious little is known about CD Projekt Red's upcoming The Witcher game, but fans of the franchise think that we could see a protagonist besides Geralt. Yesterday, CD Projekt Red announced they were working on a new game based on The Witcher, the popular fantasy franchise created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The announcement noted that the game would kick off a "new saga" for the franchise, seemingly hinting that this would be a new series of titles instead of The Witcher 4. 

Along with a brief press release announcing they had started work on the new game, CD Projekt Red also released a new teaser, showing a Witcher medallion half-covered in the snow. Fans quickly recognized that the medallion wasn't the familiar Wolf Medallion worn by Geralt, the famed White Wolf and main protagonist of The Witcher franchise. Instead, the medallion had feline features, with whiskers, a triangular nose and large ears. While many believed that this could be a medallion related to the School of the Cat, CD Projekt Red Global Community Director Marcin Momot seemingly confirmed on Twitter that it belonged to the School of the Lynx. 

Now, the School of the Lynx has not appeared in any Witcher books, games, or other tie-in material. In fact, the only reference to the School of the Lynx is a fanfic wikipedia page that continues the stories of some Witcher characters after the end of The Witcher 3. But, the fact that the teaser image displays a new School coupled with the fact that the game kicks off a "new saga" seems to indicate that we could get a new protagonist for the franchise. 

There are a few possibilities as to what the new games could entail. The most obvious direction is that the new game would focus on Ciri, Geralt's daughter who spent time training to become a Witcher. In one of The Witcher 3's possible endings, Ciri becomes a Witcher herself after faking her death. And while Ciri carries a School of the Cat medallion in The Witcher 3, she has no connection to that school whatsoever. The other possibility is that we'll get an entirely new protagonist from the School of the Lynx. Netflix has recently shown a willingness to expand on The Witcher franchise, with an upcoming spinoff series showing the creation of the first Witcher. A Witcher from the School of the Lynx could let players create their own Witcher or open up the world beyond just the Continent. 

While it's more likely that we'll get a new Witcher game starring the face of the franchise Geralt, the fact that the only teaser we've seen so far at least provides an opening for a game about someone besides the famed White Wolf. Would you want to play a Witcher game starring someone besides Geralt? Let us know in the comment section!