New World Players Discover Game-Breaking Invincibility Exploit

New World has proven to be a massive success for Amazon Game Studios over the last few weeks, but there are still elements of the MMO that need some polish. The game's developer is currently working to improve the experience, but a newly discovered invincibility exploit could be one of its biggest issues yet. The problem was reported on the game's forums by user Inkassokrav, who reported that players are playing the game in windowed mode and dragging the screen around. This pauses the action for the player, rendering them invincible to others. Inkassokrav shared a video from Kona on YouTube, who showcased how players can use this to avoid losing zones.

Kona's video showcasing the invincibility exploit can be found embedded below.

As Techraptor points out, this exploit could be proof that the game is "client authoritative" as opposed to "server authoritative." Essentially, this means that the player's PC tracks things like inventory and stats, rather than the server. Apparently, most MMOs avoid this setup, because it can lead to various hacks in the game, including item duping. Basically, this exploit could lead to a lot more problems in the future, if Amazon Game Studios doesn't make some changes.

Cheats and exploits can completely ruin any online game, making it far less enjoyable for everyone involved. At this time, it's hard to say just how many players have been taking advantage of the window mode exploit, but it's not hard to imagine how problematic it could prove for legitimate players. In addition to the exploit being shared on the game's forums, it has also appeared on the New World subreddit, as well. Hopefully, this means the developer is well aware of the issue and looking at ways to rectify it. It would certainly be a shame to see this issue make New World a chore to play!

New World is available now, exclusively on PC. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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