New World Creators Are Adding More Worlds, Increasing Capacities

For those who are still having problems getting into their New World server of choice or making it through the game's queue times at all, Amazon Games provided another update on the status of the game's servers following its exceptional launch this week. The creators said that they're currently working on propping up new worlds for players to head to so that newcomers don't have to make lines for already populated servers even longer, and for the existing worlds, the team is working to increase capacity limits to allow more players to hop in.

The latest on the New World server improvements was shared on Twitter this week. While no specific regions were mentioned, the creators said they planned to do exactly what was specified above so that New World players will have an easier time actually playing the game.

This is the second update of its kind that we've gotten this week, though this one's a bit shorter than the first that was shared on Tuesday. That one announced the free server transfers mentioned in the tweet above. The goal there is to give players an opportunity to move over to another world if the one they're in has gotten a bit too busy for their liking, but we don't yet know how that server transfer process will be structured. We do know that it appears to be the only free transfer that'll be offered, so players will want to make sure they're committed to where they're going before choosing a new world to head to.

Aside from those updates, we've gotten periodic, region-based announcements from the game's social accounts as well. In regions such as the EU Central server as well as in Australia and both NA West and NA East, for example, the game's already gotten new worlds for players to join. Maintenance was also done on the Australian server at one point which resulted in some downtime while things were worked on, so there's reason to expect that the same might happen for other regions, too, if that kind of work is deemed necessary.


New World is currently available on the PC platform with more updates on server transfers and additional worlds expected to come soon.