New World Devs Share Server List Ahead of Launch

The launch of Amazon Games' New World is quickly approaching, and ahead of that release, we've now gotten the first full list of servers that players will be able to choose from based on the region that they'll be playing in. That might not seem like a big development if you're planning on playing by yourself for the most part, but for the MMO veterans or newcomers who plan on squadding up with their friends whenever the game releases, you can now plan out which server you want to hop into ahead of New World's launch.

That server list can be seen below with a bunch of different server-y names laid out for people to choose from. It's quite the list of options, too, with over 75 different servers available for North America alone. Servers from Central Europe, Australia, and South America were also listed for those who might be playing in those regions as well.

For those basing their server selection off of languages that'll be most common in the servers, New World's creators said that information is coming, but the suggested languages for servers haven't yet been shared.

"There will be some servers that have suggested languages to help players decide where they would like to play," the Twitter account said in response to questions about the topic.

Like some of Amazon Games' other projects, the release of New World has been a long-coming one with multiple delays pushing the game back further and further. It's finally got a release date set for September 28th, and after players got a chance to try it out through betas and other events, they'll soon be able to play for real this month.


"Explore a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you'll forge a new destiny for yourself as an adventurer shipwrecked on the supernatural island of Aeternum. Endless opportunities to fight, forage, and forge await you among the island's wilderness and ruins. Channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system, and fight alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles—the choices are all yours.

New World is scheduled to release for the PC platform on September 28th.