Shroud Talks Up "Amazing" New World Update Coming This Month

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has spent a lot of time with New World since the MMO's launch back in September, but the Twitch streamer hasn't shied away from discussing the game's issues. However, it seems Shroud is pretty happy with the game's current direction, particularly following its latest update. During a recent stream, Shroud commended Amazon Game Studios, while talking up all of the recent bug fixes that have come to the game. The developer still has some areas that can be improved upon, but Shroud seems to think that things are headed in a very strong direction!

"Yeah, it's good. Updates are good," Shroud said, replying to a viewer. "The November patch or whatever is gonna be really good in a couple weeks. That one is gonna be amazing. It's good. Whenever they catch up with all the bugs and they finally fix them all, they can finally start making some content. They can't even think about content until they fix all the bugs and stuff."

Shroud is clearly a big fan of New World so far, despite the game's bugs. While fixing those problems is a priority for the developer, Shroud does see more content as an important part of the game's evolution. During a stream last month, Shroud attributed a lack of end game content to declining interest in New World. The streamer was quick to point out that he doesn't plan on going anywhere, but could see himself cutting back on his time with the MMO if there isn't greater incentive to keep grinding. It seems like Amazon Game Studios knows what it's going to take to keep players interested, but making sure that the game runs smoothly is much more important. Hopefully, New World can get everything it needs to continue thriving!

New World is available now, exclusively on PC. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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[H/T: Dexerto]