Nexus Mods Bans U.S. Political Mods Until After the Election

Nexus Mods, the go-to site for mods for everything from the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series to your favorite smaller releases, is no longer accepting mods related to United States politics. The ban on all these sorts of mods was announced this week with an explanation on why those mods were being banned and how long they’d be gone for. A specific return date for mods related to U.S. politics wasn’t given, but we definitely won’t see them return until the election has passed.

In a post on the Nexus Mods blog, the site’s team explained the reasoning for banning the political mods. The post laid into those who would weaponize these mods against others in the community and said the team has “neither the time, the care or the wish to moderate such things.”

“Considering the low quality of the mods being uploaded, the polarising views they express and the fact that a small but vocal contingent of our users are seemingly not intelligent or grown up enough to be able to debate the issues without resorting to name calling and baseless accusations without proof (indicative of the wider issues plaguing our world at this time) we've decided to wipe our hands clean of this mess and invoke an outright ban on mods relating to sociopolitical issues in the United States,” the post explained. “We have neither the time, the care or the wish to moderate such things. This ban will apply to all mods uploaded from the 28th of September onwards. We will review this restriction sometime after the next President of the United States has been inaugurated.”

The scathing post continued to say those who upload the political mods are largely “cowards with sock puppet accounts” trying to cause a stir with the content. Others within the modding community were encouraged to report these sorts of mods and to enjoy the fact that the people who uploaded them wasted their time since the mod will get banned anyway.

For those planning a rebuttal to the announcement, the Nexus Mods team said it doesn’t care to hear any such responses.


“To be blunt, we do not care how this looks nor do we care if you think the mods we do or don't moderate reflect on us, our political beliefs or what we do and don't want on our site,” the post said in closing. “Say and do what you want on other sites or services, we care nothing for it here.”

Mods centered around U.S. politics may return at a later date, but it won’t happen anytime soon.