Nicki Minaj Releases "Chun-Li" Single With Street Fighter and Tomb Raider References


Nicki Minaj just dropped two new singles out of nowhere. After months of radio silence on social media, the rapper revealed some art, titles, and a release date for "Barbie Tingz," and "Chun-Li," both of which can be streamed on Spotify right now. We were particularly interested in listening to Chun-Li following the teaser which showed Nicki with her hair up in buns like the iconic Street Fighter character:

Now that we've had a chance to listen to the song, we can confirm that there are a few nerdy references in there, though they are a bit difficult to make out. In the main chorus of Chun-Li, you can hear Minjaj drop subtle references to the X-Men, Lara Croft, and of course, Chun-Li.

It could be that in this new tune, we're being introduced to a new alter ego. During a breakdown early in the song, Minaj points out that her haters are trying to make her out as the bad guy, and later, in a similar bridge, she says that they're trying to make her out as the "bad guy Chun-Li." Is this evil Chun-Li an alter ego we can expect to see more of, and will she be showing up more once the full album is released?

As for the actual lyrics and references, those are still up for debate. The single just dropped not even an hour ago, and the lyrics from are still being updated. There are a lot of blanks and questions marks which have yet to be filled in, and it's in one of these blanks that I believe I heard the reference to X-Men. Here's are the chorus lyrics, according to genius (language warning):

"Ayo, I been on, bitch you been conned
[?] tints on, Fendi prints on
I mean I been [?]
He keep on dialin' Nicki like the prints on
Ayo, I been on, bitch you been conned
[?] tints on, Fendi prints on
Ayo, I been off, Lara been Croft
Plates say Chun-Li, drop the Benz off"


It's in that third line that I believe she says "I mean I been Storm, X-Men been phonin'." That is, however, just one white dude's guess as to what she's really saying. No doubt as millions more listen to the song and start talking about it, a full and accurate lyrics sheet will emerge.

It's not quite the Chun-Li or Street Fighter rap we were hoping for, but it's still pretty neat, and it's definitely an ear worm. If you have Spotify I can definitely recommend checking the song out; it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. If you've managed to listen, can you tell what's been said in the chorus. Can you make out the full references to Storm, X-Men, Lara Croft, and Chun-Li? If so, drop a comment below and let us know what you hear!