Watch Ninja Try to Keep Up With a Pro Chef

Pro Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins tried something much different from streaming in front of an audience by participating in an episode of Bon Appétit's "Back-to-Back Chef" series. Ninja worked beside Carla Lalli Music, the food director for Bon Appétit, to make a special sandwich with eggs, bacon, and cheese while going off of her vocal instructions only. We get to see a new recipe for a sandwich, the finished products, and a brief look at Ninja mutilating some bread.

The latest episode from Bon Appétit's series can be seen above where Ninja was first introduced by Music for those who frequent Bon Appétit's channel but might not know who the pro gamer is. From there, the food director explains the process of the show for those unfamiliar with it: The two will work with identical setups to follow a recipe, but Ninja has to do it by following her instructions only without looking at what she's doing.

For most of the simpler tasks, it's just a normal cooking video. Bacon goes into the pan with no problem, and even someone who's never made orange juice before can figure out what to do with an orange and a juicer. Cutting an avocado and removing its pit might be cause for hesitation if you haven't done it before, but cutting bread was actually much more problematic. People online took the chance to rib on Ninja for his bread cutting efforts, but that part of the sandwich turned out find at the end regardless. It actually ended up being the egg that caused problems, but cooking an egg inside of a piece of bread sounds like it'd be part that'd throw someone off anyway.


Ninja's still been busy streaming this year, but he's also been stepping out of his comfort zone to try different things. He's been on Masked Singer, on Guy's Grocery Games, and on Family Feud. If you want to find him doing his typical thing when he's streaming Fortnite and sometimes other games, you'll want to keep up with him on Mixer now that he's streaming exclusively through Microsoft's platform.