Ninja Appears on Cold As Balls With Kevin Hart

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins wants to be known as the greatest gamer of all time. What that entails, [...]

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins wants to be known as the greatest gamer of all time. What that entails, exactly, is anyone's guess... including Ninja! Right now, however, Ninja seems pretty intent on becoming an ambassador for video games, and he's using his status as one of the most recognized streamers in the medium to do just that. In an episode released today, Ninja appeared on Kevin Hart's show Cold as Balls. The streamer and the comedian discussed video games, Esports and how Ninja went from participating in Halo competitions just 10 years ago to his current status as an Esports athlete and the spokesman for Mixer.

Cold as Balls is an interview show on YouTube's Laugh Out Loud Network hosted by Kevin Hart. In the series, Hart discusses sports while slowly settling into a tub filled with freezing cold water while the professional sports figures he interviews do the same. Previous guests on the show include Ronda Rousey, Dennis Rodman, Floyd Mayweather, Mark Cuban and more. The show is currently in its third season.

Ninja's appearance on the show is definitely worth watching. In the interview, Hart gives the streamer some good opportunities to explain Esports to the uninitiated, and Hart genuinely comes across as someone that wants to learn more about it, and help the audience to do so, as well. While Ninja can be a somewhat divisive streamer, this kind of interview goes a long way towards cementing the legitimacy of Esports to the general public.

With 14 million followers, Ninja is easily the most recognizable streamer out there, but that doesn't necessarily translate to the average person being able to identify him. Famously, Lady Gaga didn't know who he was. In just 10 years of streaming, however, he's clearly established a brand for himself, and he has a strong sense of how to expand it. More importantly, however, Ninja seems to want to expand the brand of video games, and that's something fans of the medium can agree is a worthwhile goal.

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