Ninja Drinks Straight Vodka During Livestream Prank

Part of the appeal of livestreams is the fact that just about anything can happen. Take, for example, a recent incident involving Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. The Mixer star's wife, Jessica Blevins, offered to make him a mixed drink during a stream. Ninja was under the impression that the drink was based mainly on Bud Light Seltzer. However, the drink was actually straight vodka, with a splash of grenadine to change the color, and throw him off the scent. Jessica shared her husband's reaction on TikTok, and it was a pretty great moment for pretty much anyone viewing; other than Ninja, of course!

"I hate you," Ninja said after tasting the drink. "I hate you. Oh my god that's the most disgusting drink ever in the f**king world. I can't believe you made me drink that sh*t. And you're recording me?!"

Of course, Ninja did seem to be a pretty good sport about the friendly prank, laughing along despite the taste. The video has proven to be a pretty big hit on the TikTok platform. As of this writing, the video has nearly 8,000 likes, and more than 200 comments, which is all the more impressive considering Jessica's TikTok account is currently at 11,000 followers. A lot of her fans seem to like seeing Ninja suffer, a bit!


I told @ninja I was making him a yummy mixed drink. I gave him straight vodka. Wait for his reaction 😂 ##familytime ##ninja

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Jessica Blevins is also a gamer and streamer, as well as her husband's full-time manager. The two met at a Halo tournament in 2010, and started dating a few years later. The two were married in 2017, and Jessica has played a key role in helping to cultivate Ninja's brand, over the years. It's impossible to say just how successful Ninja might have become without Jessica, but it's clear that the two have found each other quite a bit of success.


Ninja has a TikTok of his own, so it's not hard to imagine he'll be seeking out some kind of revenge for the prank. Ideally, fans of the couple will get a front row seat for the result!

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