Ninja's Heading to Guy's Grocery Games

When Tyler "Ninja" Blevins implied he had a lot of different stuff in the works earlier this year, he wasn't kidding. The popular video game streamer has been a contestant on The Masked Singer, for example, and appeared once again on Family Feud (the "Celebrity" version this time around) since his move to Mixer from Twitch, and now? Now he's heading to Guy's Grocery Games. That's right; Ninja and Guy Fieri are going to be on the same show at the same time tonight.

What exactly Ninja will be doing on the show remains unclear, but it sounds like -- from the description of the episode -- that perhaps contestants will spend some of that time cooking for the high-profile streamer. Ninja is set to appear tonight, at 9 PM ET, and here's how Food Network describes that particular episode, which is apparently titled "Cheat Day":

"Guy Fieri invites four chefs to participate in Flavortown's first Cheat Day, challenging them to make dishes worth splurging on after a week of eating three square meals and exercising every day. The first two rounds have the chefs counting pounds and using specific ingredients in their deep-fried and mega-melty dishes. In the final round, Guy's newest and most dishonest game yet has the remaining chefs shoplifting ingredients for their ultimate Cheat Day dish. One chef will out-cheat the others and shop Flavortown for up to $20,000."

Guy's Grocery Games, if you're not familiar, basically tasks contestants with using specific ingredients and so on from within a grocery store to accomplish various challenges in order to take home the prize.

Why is Ninja wearing sunglasses? What is Guy looking at? I guess you (and me) will have to watch tonight to find out!


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