Injustice 2 Creative Director Releases More Ninja Turtles Footage

Ed Boon and the rest of the Injustice 2 crew made a bit splash last year when they revealed that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the mystery fighters to hit the popular DC video game. Since the big reveal, details have been mum with the exception of a few teasers here and there, and now Boon is back with yet another set of sneak peeks to get fans excited!

Grab a slice of gnarly pizza because in Boon's latest tweet we get a short clip of Raphael showing off a little bit, which can be seen below:

Just as with previous teasers, fans collectively lost their minds:

As many replied to the thread begging for more answers like who is the main turtle, when are we getting another trailer, and more - Boon stayed true to his style, meaning he ignored pretty much everything and went back to his evil genius ways.

But before the clip, there was another tiny teaser simply stating, "Rock the Casbah."

One interesting tidbit an Injustice 2 fan pointed out was that the gear is different form the first reveal we've had of the turtles in question which could potentially indicate that they can be independently customized:

Still, continued silence from Boon but fans will continue to unravel every little bit of info they can before another big reveal happens. Whether that comes in the form of actual gameplay, or just another trailer - fans continue to prove that they just want to see more already!

There was another teaser yesterday that had players speculating like crazy. You can check out our previous coverage here analyzing every little bit, but it appeared to be showing off the tag team system. This would mean that players can play the turtles as a unit, switching off Marvel vs. Capcom style. That being said, seeing how Black Manta is positioned, it seems more likely that this was a tag-team attack versus a tag team switch out.


Until we have official word, however, it's all just Injustice fans nerding out until the great Boon deems to give us more.

Injustice 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.