Tokyo Revengers Is Coming to Ninjala

GungHo Online Entertainment's free-to-play video game Ninjala is once again teaming up with a popular anime franchise as the company has announced that a Tokyo Revengers collaboration event is coming. The Ninjala x Tokyo Revengers crossover marks only the latest anime collaboration with the video game, and it is set to start on July 20th and run through August 24th with outfits, weapon skins, and more inspired by the anime.

More specifically, the new anime collaboration event will see 10 different Tokyo Revengers-themed outfits added to Ninjala. That includes outfits for Manjiro "Mikey" Sano, Ken "Draken" Ryuguji, and more. Additionally, special outfits can be won for Haruki "Pah-chin" Hayashida by competing in and winning Featured Battles from June 22nd to August 24th. A single win unlocks the Haruki Hayashida hair while a three-win streak grants the Haruki Hayashida outfit. You can check out the special art from the announcement by GungHo Online Entertainment below:

(Photo: GungHo Online Entertainment)

"The truth is that it's just an idea that popped into my head," GungHo president and CEO Kazuki Morishita previously told when asked about Ninjala's defining bubblegum concept back in 2020. "We had already decided on a ninja + chambara (sword fighting) PvP action concept and we were searching for a new game UI when I was coincidentally chewing on some gum. I imagined some kind of ninjutsu where bubblegum could be blown up, crafted, used as a projectile, or transformed. As a result, we created the gum action, which became this game's main characteristic."

As noted above, the special Tokyo Revengers collaboration event is set to begin in Ninjala on July 20th and run through August 24th. Ninjala itself is currently available, free to play, for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Ninjala right here.

What do you think about Ninjala doing a collaboration with Tokyo Revengers? Have you been playing the latest seasons of Ninjala? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop in order to talk about all things gaming and anime!