Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo just confirmed that it will be hosting a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow, September 6, at 5PM Central. The Direct was rumored to be coming, and Nintendo has finally cemented our hype. Check out the official announcement below:

Word on the street is that this might be a shorter Nintendo Direct to discuss the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service, which is supposed to launch later this month. Now we know that this will be a proper, full-length Nintendo Direct with game updates and very likely a few brand new game reveals. We expect to see Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and probably the new Yoshi game, but we're hoping that Nintendo might reveal something brand new as well.

As for Nintendo Switch Online, we still know very little. Most players are worried about the lack of information, since at the time, the only thing we can say for certain is that it will offer a handful of NES games updated to be playable online, cloud saves for select games (which should have been here already), and special offers. Other than that, what it's really doing is asking players to pay money to play games online, which we've been able to do for free up until now.

The good news is that Nintendo Switch Online is only $20 for an entire year of service. At 1/3 the price of competing online services we're pretty sure that Nintendo will be able to offer some excellent value, especially if additional retro games are added over time. Would we rather have the Virtual Console back? At the moment we can't help but think "yes," but we're willing to be patient and see how this service blossoms over time. Who knows, before long we could be playing classic SNES and Nintendo 64 titles online with our friends at no additional cost. That would be dope.


So what are you hoping to see in tomorrow's Direct? Additional details on games that were revealed at E3 are something we can count on, but we're hoping to see some brand new games and ports revealed, too. Your humble author is hoping to finally see Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE make its way to the Switch, so I would appreciate it if you all crossed your fingers for me.

Let me know what you hope to see in the comments below!