First Nintendo Direct of 2022 Reportedly Happening Soon

The next Nintendo Direct -- which will be the first Nintendo Direct of 2022 -- is reportedly happening soon. There hasn't been a Nintendo Direct of any kind since November. Suffice to say, Nintendo fans on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED are eagerly anticipating Nintendo Directs news. Unfortunately, Nintendo still hasn't said a peep about when the first Nintendo Direct of 2022 will be, but we do have a new unofficial report with some salient details.

The report comes the way of prominent Nintendo leaker and insider, Samus Hunter, who doesn't say much, but does note that the first Nintendo Direct of the year will happen this month, February. When this month, they don't say, so it could be later this week or it could be a few weeks away. 

Samus Hunter isn't the only person making this claim, but so far, they are the most prominent source behind the claim. What remains to be seen, as it's not specified, is if it will be a proper Nintendo Direct. Because there's no specification, you'd assume that's what Samus Hunter is getting at, but we can't say for sure without more specification. 

At the moment of publishing, we haven't heard word of a new Nintendo Direct from any of our own sources, and Nintendo has yet to acknowledge or address any of this with any type of comment. If this changes, and as the situation evolves, we will update the story accordingly.

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