Nintendo's 'Dragalia Lost' Introduces Lovecraftian Monster as Playable Character

Dragalia Lost's newest dragon comes from an unexpected source - the cosmic horror stories of H.P. [...]

Dragalia Lost's newest dragon comes from an unexpected source - the cosmic horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Earlier this week, Dragalia Lost introduced the dragon Nyarlathotep as part of its "Accursed Archives" event, which gives players a chance to battle monsters within a strange library. While Dragalia Lost usually deals with panda dragons celebrating the Chinese New Year or cherubic angels for Valentine's Day, this new event involves secret cults, gruesome murders, and monsters that feel very much like something you'd read in one of Lovecraft's famous short stories.

The event centers around the disappearance of an entire village, which leads the players to investigate a strange library filled with forbidden secrets. The library is guarded by Nyarlathotep, a riddle-speaking, eyeless dragon that can be recruited to a player's team via the game's gacha system. Players also meet a little girl tied to the villagers' disappearance and discover a sinister conspiracy that involves the gruesome murder of the town's local priest and the worship of an unknown god known as the Ancient One.

Considering this is a game that involves chibi figures running around beating up on little jars of slime and haunted trees, this new event feels quite...dark. Lovecraft created Nyarlathotep as a shapeshifting faceless creature active on Earth who frequently pushes the Outer Gods' agenda, recruiting humans to cults and threatening those who oppose them. And while Nyarlathotep seems harmless in Dragalia Lost, he definitely has a more sinister vibe that we don't usually see in a game about the power of friendship and loyalty.

Dragalia Lost's Accursed Archive event runs through March 20th.


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