Nintendo's Dragalia Lost Is Shutting Down

The mobile role-playing game Dragalia Lost, co-developed by Nintendo and Cygames, is officially calling it quits. The title is notable if only because it is the first original IP for mobile from Nintendo. It was announced today that following a climactic conclusion to the video game's campaign in July 2022, service for the title will eventually be ended at some later date. Additionally, other than the campaign and certain quests, no new content will release in Dragalia Lost after March 31st.

"The Dragalia Lost main campaign is scheduled to reach its conclusion in July of 2022 with part two of chapter 26, the final and climactic addition to its long-running story," the official announcement reads in part. "After the main campaign has concluded, service for the game itself will come to a close at a later date. Further details on the end-of-service schedule will be provided in a future notification."

It's unclear as to exactly what will happen following the last story addition in July. While no new content will be added, the announcement indicates that summon showcases of existing adventurers and dragons will continue to rotate alongside event revivals until the service is done. All told, if the video game does conclude service in the weeks following the July update, it will have been around for just under four years total.

As noted above, Dragalia Lost is set to conclude its main campaign this coming July with the final addition to the story. Once that's done, the service for the title itself will conclude at some nebulous later date that has not been announced as of yet. The last set of new adventurers to be added to the video game will be on March 31st, after which there will be no new content added beyond the main campaign. Until then, Dragalia Lost remains available to download on mobile devices. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the title right here.

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