Nintendo’s eShop Download Line-Up Is Pretty Stacked This Week, With Xenoblade And More

You’d think with December coming up and all, we would be slowing down on game releases, [...]


You'd think with December coming up and all, we would be slowing down on game releases, particularly for the Nintendo Switch. But nope, Nintendo has a pretty good line-up of games available this week, and you'll definitely want to make room on your memory card for them.

First up on the Switch is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the hit Wii and Wii U games. We've already submitted our review on this one, and it's a game that adventure fans won't want to miss. A Season Pass with additional content is available as well. You'll be able to purchase it starting tomorrow.

Here's the rundown of other games that will be available over the week:

  • Serial Cleaner- Curve Digital's interesting 2D stealth adventure has you cleaning up crime scenes and trying to find crucial information to keep key target safe.
  • Nine Parchments- Featured at the "Nindies" event earlier this year, this multiplayer adventure from Frozenbyte features sharp role-playing elements and online/local co-op for up to four people. Think Gauntlet, but with more intricate spellcasting capabilities.
  • Caveman Warriors- An old-school side-scrolling adventure where you choose between four characters and take on all sorts of dinosaur and human threats.
  • Syberia 2- This classic point-and-click adventure makes its debut on Switch, letting you control a young woman as she explores a forgotten world.
  • OPUS: The Day We Found Earth- An atmospheric style game in which a robot makes its way through the galaxy, attempting to find Earth.
  • Star Ghost- This side-scrolling shooter first debuted on the Wii U years ago, and now brings its action to the Switch. It helps that it was developed by Rare alumni Rhys Lewis, with music by the legendary David Wise.
  • MUJO- Think match three puzzle action, but with a strategic approach, as you attempt to take down mythological creatures.
  • Traverse USA- A classic Irem arcade game comes to life, as you make your way across the US, trying to beat the timer and avoid dangerous traffic.
  • World Heroes- Finally, another Neo-Geo classic makes its way to the Switch, with this inspired 2D fighting game, loaded with brawlers from all across the globe.

If that's not enough, the Wii U has gotten a couple of games as well, in the form of TurboGrafx 16 classics. Battle Lode Runner takes the classic series and includes a neat little battle element, so you can take on your friends. And Bomberman '93 is also available, bringing all the explosive action from that retro console.

Happy shopping!