Nintendo and Levi's Partner Up for a Super Mario Collaboration

An unlikely partnership has been announced by the clothing brand Levi’s. Known best for their denim apparel, Levi’s is apparently teaming up with Nintendo for some sort of Super Mario Bros. collaboration. The company tweeted as much this week with a brief animation that showed the Levi’s logo sitting above the Super Mario name before moving on to show one of the gold coins from the Super Mario series. The details of the partnership haven’t been announced yet, but some Mario-themed apparel of some sort seems like the most likely outcome from whatever is in the works between Nintendo and Levi’s.

The video in question can be seen below, but there’s not much to make of it beyond the obvious. A Nintendo collab with Levi’s to create something related to Super Mario is definitely happening, but what that something might be is anyone’s guess.

People sure do have their guesses though, and a lot of them revolve around the clothes Mario and his brother, Luigi, wear. Both have their own unique colors, but the overalls they wear are as central to their characters as their colors, mustaches, and hats are.


The current thinking by a lot of people who saw the announcement is that we’ll get some sort of denim apparel from Levi’s featuring Mario or something else from the Super Mario Bros. brand. Even if we don’t get the full Mario experience with some branded overalls featuring a mushroom or coins on the pocket or something like that, expect something to be announced soon enough since the collab is “coming soon.”

Mario also has a special day coming up, so perhaps the full announcement will either be shared then. March 10th is considered to be “Mario Day,” so it’d make sense to have the announcement timed around that holiday somehow. We’ve still got a week to go before that date comes around though, so look for any announcements from Levi’s or Nintendo in the meantime.