Nintendo Hints at SNES Controller, Games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners may soon find themselves with an expanded library of games and a classic controller in hand if Nintendo’s latest Federal Communications Commission filings are a preview of what’s to come. The company filed some documents with the FCC that appear to be pointing towards the release of an SNES controller for the Switch, a controller which has not yet officially been announced. This peripheral could also be hinting at the release of a collection of SNES games for the console as well.

Resetera user Link83 first noticed the new filings which can be found here and here via the FCC’s site. They don’t offer many specifics about Nintendo’s plans, and more photos of the actual device won’t be seen for some time according to the information provided, but the shape of the device pictured in the second filing has caught the interest of Nintendo fans.

Pictured below, the device is one that long-time Nintendo fans will know resembles an SNES controller. The “HAC” part of the model number on the device also indicates that this is indeed an accessory planned for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch SNES
(Photo: FCC)

If the NES controllers Nintendo released in the past are any indication of its plans, it looks like the SNES controller will be released as its own device. These NES controllers were sold as a two-pack for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and gave Switch owners a retro way to play games supported by the device.


While the release of the controller is exciting for anyone who’s looking to expand their collection of Switch gear, the implications of these filings also haven’t escaped people. The NES controllers Nintendo released were a fitting way to play the NES games available through the Nintendo Switch Online service, and people are hoping the SNES controller is foreshadowing the release of that console’s games on the online service. Nintendo’s logical start with a library of NES games included with Nintendo Switch Online was pretty much always expected to be followed up with games from other older consoles, and it looks like the SNES might be next.

Whether those games would be included in the existing service or offered through an additional tier is unknown though, assuming they’re even coming to the online service. Nintendo has not yet officially announced any SNES-related plans for the Nintendo Switch, but perhaps some more info will be shared now that news of these filings is out there.